Personal Information

My name is Marcus Wilhelm. I'm working as a software developer since 1996. First part-time beside my academic studies, later - after breaking off my study - full-time. I have no academic degree, something I am not proud of, but I have worked so much beside my studies that I have lost focus to it and so I decided to cancel it. Since then I have worked as an employee as well as a partial freelancer.

I am 34 years old, married since 4 years and I have two beautiful children - a girl and a boy. My domicile is in a small city nearby Darmstadt (Germany). I have never left this region (except to fulfill the basic military service obligation), if you have kids it is significant to have your family around you. Grandparents are the best babysitter at all - a guarantee to have a live beside work and family. Currently I spend the little spare time I have to my website and the main project it hosts: pWAT.

Personal Data Sheet

Secondary School Leaving Examination (Abitur)
Bertold-Brecht-Schule, Darmstadt, Germany
Basic Military Service Obligation (Bundeswehrdienst)
Study of Computer Science (Informatikstudium)
Fachhochschule Darmstadt, Germany